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WordPress fix Server Error 500 on version 4.7

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by plxvandyk, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. plxvandyk


    Server Error 500 on version 4.7, by plxvandyk

    I’ve got version 4.7 on a website that I was using about 5 days ago and it’s suddenly giving an internal server error 500.

    It prevents me from gaining access to the dashboard or any of the back-end apps on the site.

    When I FTP onto the site all of the content is still there – it’s just not accessing.

    The domain is available and functioning at the http://www.modernmedia.co.za/ root level, but breaks when I go a step further to http://www.modernmedia.co.za/modernmedicine/ (which is where the site itself lives) and beyond.

    When I go to embedded html content, (www.modernmedia.co.za/digital.html – which forwards to a pre-built html5 digital magazine) it sends me deeper into the /modernmedicine/… folders and those seem to work – it’s just the wordpress side of things that isn’t functioning.

    I’ve read through the posts on similar topics and have tried:
    – Renaming the entire /plugins/ folder through FTP
    – Renaming the entire /themes/ folder through FTP
    – Renaming the htaccess file through FTP
    – Reloading a site backup from a 7 days ago
    – Opening the site from different browsers
    – Opening the site from different computers

    All to no effect.

    The affected website seems to be running version 4.7

    I have no active caching plugins on the website.

    I have another website running the same theme and plugins running on a subdomain on the same server and that site has no issues. It seems to be running ver. 4.7.8

    Please help – I’m at a loss here.

    Server Error 500 on version 4.7

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