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WordPress fix Sendlane Woocommerce Connection

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by mjbarrelet, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. mjbarrelet


    Sendlane Woocommerce Connection, by mjbarrelet

    I’ve uploaded a third-party plugin for email integration: sendlane-for-woocommerce.zip

    When I go to settings, I’m asked to enter my info from Sendlane such as user url, Api key, and Hash key. I know these are entered right. I’ve even reset these and cleared the catch in WordPress.

    What happens is it keeps telling me my info is wrong. Message returned by WordPress is Unable to connect, please check your subdomain, api or hash key.

    I’ve contacted Sendlane but they say to contact WordPress (you!)
    Hope you can help me…
    Thank you in advance!

    Sendlane Woocommerce Connection

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