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WordPress fix Sending Emails By Wordpress Email Forms On Site Hosted On VPS

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by gnomequestionsasker, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. gnomequestionsasker


    Sending Emails By Wordpress Email Forms On Site Hosted On VPS, by gnomequestionsasker

    Hello. I use WordPress to host several sites. I have all of my sites hosted on VPSs. My questions concern users sending email to me using email contact forms. Since my site is hosted on a VPS and also I have my email hosted with Zoho, sending out emails through a WordPress contact form is often problematic.

    I have researched this problem online, but have not found any satisfactory solutions.

    I am now using the Ninja Forms plugin to send out emails that users send me through my site. I have read that although I am using WordPress, its server still needs to use SMTP to send out the emails. I have tried installing and setting up mailutils with postfix to no avail. I know that setting up an email server is complicated, which is why I host my emails with Zoho. Basically, after I setup mailutils, and try to send out an email through my WordPress site through the Ninja Forms email form, it almost always fails. I have checked the mail logs on my server, and whenever someone or myself tries to send an email through the email form, it will use as an email, [email protected] with username being the hostname of my server, and then a website I am hosting with my site.

    Almost always, email services like Gmail and Yandex mail will flag such messages as spam, I think in part because my MX records point to a different service than my own server. Sometimes, the Gmail, Yandex Mail or other such services could just outright reject such emails, and not even go to spam. Just FYI, my MX records are:

    @ IN MX 10 mx.zoho.com.
    @ IN MX 20 mx2.zoho.com.
    @ IN MX 50 mx3.zoho.com.

    Is an email relay to Zoho what I might need? Or are there easier ways?
    Basically, I would only need to send emails to my own email address through the form, but I need to make sure that they actually get sent.

    I know that I could put my actual email on my site for users to email to, but the reason I don’t like that is that spam bots could harvest my email address and then send me lots of spam email.

    In addition, I would like to know how to setup this so that I can have 2 or more WordPress sites hosted on the same VPS, but allowing both to have email forms sending out emails to myself from users. If for example I own example1.com and example2.com, I would only want emails sent through an email form, corresponding to the domain sent out, sent to myself and the user. I wouldn’t want one domain such as example1.com sending out emails to both example1.com and example2.com.

    All help is appreciated. Thanks

    Sending Emails By Wordpress Email Forms On Site Hosted On VPS

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