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WordPress fix Screwed up functions.php

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by malyte, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. malyte


    Screwed up functions.php, by malyte


    Ok so I know I should really not have done this, because I’m an absolute noob at all this and you probably have idiots like me everyday doing this kind of stupid stuff but it’s done anyway and now it looks screwed.
    So I wanted to add like a shrinking menu at the top and looked it up online and found that I could add some lines to the function.php and … you see where I’m going now
    Now I’ve got this showing up :
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/tahities/www/wp-content/themes/type/functions.php on line 575
    I can’t access my site, my account, I searched online and found I could use an FTP client to correct it but couldn’t get it to work for whatever reasons, it’s not connecting to the server or something.
    Then I tried to look for the mistake by myself (because I still have not closed the page with the function.php thingy, so I copied it onto an editor to see what kind of shit was at line 575, and there was no line 575, it was inside the part that I added (to shrink the menu) then deleted (’cause I figured after a minute or two that it was doing something bad) but I couldn’t save it because for whatever reasons I can’t save either (it brings me to the page blahblhblah parse error blahblhblah)
    Then I looked here to find out that wordpress does not allow FTP client to be used (so thanks I guess, wish I found that earlier, might have saved me a couple of hours trying to learn how to use smartftp) and now I’m back to the “I’m screwed” point.

    Here’s a link : http://www.tahiti-escrime.com/

    Anyway, thanks for reading and thank you even more if you can get me any help

    Screwed up functions.php

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