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WordPress fix restoring WP & MySQL, no backup, only failed HDD, partial success

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by allansplace, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. allansplace


    restoring WP & MySQL, no backup, only failed HDD, partial success, by allansplace

    Hi everyone. First post. Hope someone can help.
    I tried WordPress off and on a few times and finally made the switch to WP permanently a year ago. Then, a month ago, my HDD failed. I can access the HDD, but I believe the Master Boot Record was damaged, and the system could not start. I did backups regularly of WP, SQL, image of system, and clone of system, but those HDDs failed, too. Long story.
    I rebuilt my system (Win7-64, IIS 7.5, MySQL, PHP 5.4.9 (I think), all Windows Updates), copied the inetpub and ProgramData (with MySQL, etc.) folders from the faulty HDD into my new IIS, and recreated the webs in IIS. Two of the three WP webs succeeded, one did not.
    Successful: og.allansplace.ca and annettethompson.ca Unsuccessful: lesjohnston.ca
    I have the old database files and WordPress files from the old HDD and backed them up to create a second copy. (Most files could be copied, but since the disk failed some files could not.) I see data in the MySQL Server 5.7 folder from the failed HDD. It contains a lot of stuff I cannot understand and, near the bottom of one of the files, all the blog entries I need to keep. It seems all the important stuff (blog entries) is there.
    In Navicat, I see all databases there on my new server. I also see them in PHPMyAdmin.
    Since two of three WP sites were resurrected, is there some way of resurrecting the last?
    Failing this, I guess I may have to pay a company to resurrect the site, but I’m hoping have some help doing this myself.
    Thank you to anyone who is willing!

    restoring WP & MySQL, no backup, only failed HDD, partial success

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