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WordPress fix Reply To: you are posting too fast. slow down

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by johnhansen, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. johnhansen


    Reply To: you are posting too fast. slow down, by johnhansen

    First of all, I would like to thank both of you for your input. I am relatively new at this, and with just enough knowledge only to be dangerous. But I am persistent. Not to be critical, blade, but sometimes the answers I find from well intentioned people can be much more complicated than is necessary. All of your suggestions were found and attempted 2 weeks ago when this all started. There is not alot of info in my searches on this issue and it has been frustrating, to say the least.

    And George, thanks for attempting to help. I just tried something new and saw your comments, which simply confirmed that I was on the right track. And by the way, I have not re-posted my question until today for that very reason, and yet after waiting almost 2 weeks, reposting the question got both of you to respond within an hour so, in this case, it actually was beneficial for me. After 2 weeks with no response, what did I have to loose. The waiting for answers, with whatever venue, is EXTREMELY frustrating when your site is not working properly.

    In any case, it is not fully cleaned up yet, but it seems that there is corruption in the wp_comments sql database table. As soon as I replaced the table with a new, empty, clean table, it was accepting comments again. I must have done this immediately before you made your test comment. I am uncomfortable working with sql so I was worried about making things worse, but noticed in wordpress comments that I had comments that were pending but were not showing in wordpress admin. Only 3 listed there. I then opened sql table and there were 13 including testing. And a total of 9 were approved and yet only 3 showed up in admin/comments. hence the new table. I have no idea how to fix without making new table but at this point it is not a problem. I will attempt to figure out how to repost someone elses comments and see if we can get back up and running.

    So keep the sql/corruption thing in mind if you see the issue in the future. I am really surprised that there was not a single mention of corruption in any thread I ever looked at.

    Appreciate your efforts


    Reply To: you are posting too fast. slow down

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