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WordPress fix Reply To: WP Update 4.9 Disables Editing Customizing Options

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by collector2017, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. collector2017


    Reply To: WP Update 4.9 Disables Editing Customizing Options, by collector2017

    I don’t practice bumping. I am not trying to reup my post if that’s what you meant. I had something relevant to the post so I posted it, that is all that was intended and I do not appreciate the insinuation of wrong doing. If you removed something, it was only because you didn’t want someone else to see it or me to get any help here.

    As stated in my other post which you’ve read, I’ve already tried those things. Even completely deleted the whole site and restored from a backup taking me back to WP before the update. The problems came with the update, it’s not the theme. It’s not the plugins. 25 years of web experience I know nothing because I cannot fix a problem which has been done in a manner so that I cannot repair it? You act like I created the problem. Why can’t WP people just admit it when they make a mistake?

    I have deactivated every plugin at once and had none running and still the update problem is there. It only comes from the WP update and I cannot repair it. My repair options have all been disabled by the update. I can’t change anything from what it is now short of uploading a backup again only to be auto-updated and it start all over.

    I posted my other thread on the Fixing WordPress forum. It was moved to the theme forum somehow. And targets of government slavery and terrorism do not get holidays in America.

    So I am still at a loss for how to repair software rendered irreparable by its updates. As long as everybody keeps blaming the plugins or themes, no one is going to do anything for me and I suspect that in itself is the intention per my experience on this support forums. I suppose it is easy to go around all day telling everyone to disable plugins and themes and actually do nothing to help them, as is the case every time WP develops a new problem. After all, volunteers could never make mistakes. Stay kind. I try to. But I do give back what I get. Love you guys!

    Reply To: WP Update 4.9 Disables Editing Customizing Options

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