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WordPress fix Reply To: WP isn’t sending me email notifications

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by David Sword, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. David Sword


    Reply To: WP isn’t sending me email notifications, by David Sword

    Configuration for WP sending notification emails is just a single entry in Settings > General. For comment notifications it’s Settings > Discussions.

    But sounds like somthing more than that, some troubleshooting tips:

    Check if it’s spam: Be sure to check junk/spam inbox, since its the server sending it, some (especially shared) server’s IPs could be flagged.

    Check that your servers PHP mail() function works, here’s a good tutorial how to http://tutorialspage.com/php-check-if-mail-function-is-enabled-on-your-server/

    Check your servers error logs, some hosts have mail error logs as well

    Check if it’s the recipient, if the problem email is a custom @domain.com, try using a @gmail/@hotmail.com one instead to see if it’s an issue with the recipient

    Hope that helps. best of luck

    Reply To: WP isn’t sending me email notifications

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