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WordPress fix Reply To: wp-admin files has no permissions

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Jackie McBride, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. Jackie McBride


    Reply To: wp-admin files has no permissions, by Jackie McBride

    Hello, again, siritinga. We all started out learning. We all still are. It’s just a mindset that makes a person a good forum volunteer, & you’ve got that.

    You did not answer my question as to whether this was a recent install or whether the website had simply stopped working. That would be an important consideration, as the causes may be very different given the 2 diverse scenarios. When dealing w/permissions, there are generally 2 types to be considered. The 1st is permissions for read/write/execute, & the 2nd is file ownership. Both have to be correct on a server in order for the install to work properly.

    In terms of read/write/execute permissions, generally the recommendation is 0644 for files & 0755 for directories. In terms of file ownership, the WordPress files need to be owned by the user & group associated w/the webserver. I believe in CentOS that user is called apache. Please therefore tell us who owns your WordPress files. Also, you should have some error logs. Do those contain any entries of note?

    Reply To: wp-admin files has no permissions

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