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WordPress fix Reply To: Wordpress+Slack?(or simillar)?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by gorx, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. gorx


    Reply To: Wordpress+Slack?(or simillar)?, by gorx

    Right. I think what i’m picturing is somehow a slack channel+wordpress can talk somehow so that someone on the slack side for example point to a website or something a team or group is working on and it might show up as a post on the wordpress side.
    Or possibly feeling like a slack channel is actually part of the website such that a group can say Hey guys here’s a update or live text chat that could show up on the wordpress side such that it it’s in a own frame or box kind of like shoutbos or ajaxchat (a live text chat plugin) does.

    I thought it’d be handy and realy nice if the slack part could say to wordpress: aha here’s a new post and a question or just a friendly geek post.

    I thought it’d be realy handy (mostly so as it doesn’t become a mess) to have slack channels handle project and geek out chat. Then have wordpress say aha this is a general science geek thing send it to the a posts as ‘goings on’

    I think it might make sense to have a set of slac channels for brainstorming. Then taged brainstorming(Thing here)

    Then a seperate one to be kind like cork board about general geeky posts about science, or tech or what ever (just as examples) So as things don’t quickly become a mess.
    If you have ideas by all meens.

    I haven’t used those kinds of services. So I have no idea if they slow down wordpress.

    After I posted that I tried out WiseChat. for general chat. Working great (so far) for just general text chat.

    I hope my response made sense. If not by all meens say so.

    Reply To: Wordpress+Slack?(or simillar)?

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