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WordPress fix Reply To: WordPress search engine indexing

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Jacob Peattie, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. Jacob Peattie


    Reply To: WordPress search engine indexing, by Jacob Peattie

    1. Sometimes I use plugins that create custom post types to store their data entries. For example, testimonials plugin – it stores every testimonial as a separate post of custom type. In the end, each such post has its own url. Do these urls get indexed by search engines?

    If you link to them, or if they are included in a sitemap, yes. If you don’t want post types to get a URL then they should have public set to false.

    2. What are, in general, the conditions for any WP url to get indexed by search engines? If the url exists in WP database but doesn’t appear anywhere in the website markup, will it be indexed?

    WordPress has nothing to do with it. Search engines will index pages they find by crawling links on your site, as well as links on other sites that point to your site, as long as they’re not 404s.

    They might also index URLs provided to them manually in the form of an XML sitemap or submitted individually.

    3. How can I get the list of all urls of a WP website that are visible to search engines?

    There isn’t a canonical list of URLs in WordPress itself. A better approach would be to use a tool like LinkChecker that will crawl your site the same way a search engine does and report back what it finds.

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