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WordPress fix Reply To: Wordpress 4.9.x: Editing Themes/Plugins (Unable to communicate...

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by BearlyDoug, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. BearlyDoug


    Reply To: Wordpress 4.9.x: Editing Themes/Plugins (Unable to communicate error) temp fixes, by BearlyDoug

    On our network, the load balancer servers as the “entry point” for incoming http requests and routes it to one of the front end servers. The LBs also run NginX, which serves the static content (and caches it), almost in a CDN style format. It passes all Apache and PHP requests to the web servers themselves. No WAF (we have firewalls situated with all the networking/routing stuff, however, we don’t filter legitimate web requests (in or out).

    As far as how the Apache/PHP requests are handled, some of our customers keep their visitors on the same server for X amount of time, while others bounce them around, each page they visit (this is discouraged, due to potential problems, but allows quicker response times in case one of the web servers is offline for any reason).

    For this particular customer, we’re keeping the visitor on the same server for 20 minutes, I believe. There’s four webservers in the mix.

    I know that we do take advantage of PHP’s OpCaching, but as I noted, I don’t have this issue on a standalone NginX, Apache, PHP server.

    I just tested this on another site, running WordPress with a LB/NginX server and two front end servers, and can make the changes without any error message. Similar “server jumps” as the first customer above.

    I also installed the Health Checker on this other customer site. Loopback comes through juuuuuust fine. “The loopback request to your site completed successfully.”

    I need to clarify one point in my original post… when I was doing the troubleshooting, I enabled the plugins, one by one, in hopes that I could get the error message. I worked through getting all the plugins enabled, and still didn’t get that error message. When I exited out of troubleshooting (with the standard plugin configs enabled), I received that error message.

    No, we don’t use mod_security, due to problems we’ve noticed on several configs.

    Reply To: Wordpress 4.9.x: Editing Themes/Plugins (Unable to communicate error) temp fixes

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