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WordPress fix Reply To: WordPress 4.9 Media Element “Live Broadcast”

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by ralphonz, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. ralphonz


    Reply To: WordPress 4.9 Media Element “Live Broadcast”, by ralphonz

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your reply, it was helpful in me tracking down the issue further but I’ve ended up even more confused!!

    Firstly, I have another site on the same server, also using cloudflare and there’s no problems there, i.e. it shows the length of the files, not “Live Broadcast”. See here. For this reason I don’t think it’s a cloudflare issue (I have checked the settings are almost identical for each site). Server settings in cPanel look the same for each site too. I’ve tried emptying the cloudflare cache, server cache and browser cache but have had no luck.

    It’s odd that the Dave Cook track always plays for you but not the whippet beans, all the mp3’s have been encoded in the exact same way in my studio.

    All the tracks play fine for me, I can hear the audio, except the total time and progress is not displayed – in Safari and Chrome. In firefox the total time and progress is displayed but constantly changes (i.e. it grows) and so the progress of the bar doesn’t work as it should – it’s hard to describe but you can take a look.

    Further inspection of the markup in safari and chrome shows the attribute aria-valuemax as “NaN”. I assume this means that the html can’t read the headers as you suggested but why and how to fix it? Said markup aria-valuemax doesn’t;t exist on Firefox apparently adding further mystery! Also this isn’t happening on my other site with audio players.

    I’m willing to take anything anyone can throw at me at this stage, feel like I’m loosing my mind…

    Reply To: WordPress 4.9 Media Element “Live Broadcast”

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