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WordPress fix Reply To: WordPress 4.9 Media Element “Live Broadcast”

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Steve Stern, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Steve Stern


    Reply To: WordPress 4.9 Media Element “Live Broadcast”, by Steve Stern

    Hmm… I don’t see that at all. (I like that Michael Lion track!) I see a normal player bar.

    The Dave Cook track plays normally for me, but not The Whippet Beans. I suspect that there may be something in how the tracks are encoded.

    Also, the files are being served from a CloudFLare cache, which may be why it’s interpreted as a stream in a HTML5 player as HTML5 would be able to interpret the strea mheaders (whcih the old methods did not neccesarely support). You don’t use Cloudflare when playing locally.

    Try clearing the cache on Cloudflare or, temporarily, removing it from the configuration to see if that helps.

    (Props to Clorith for the CloudFlare suggestion!)

    Reply To: WordPress 4.9 Media Element “Live Broadcast”

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