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WordPress fix Reply To: WordPress 4.9.5 Wreaked Havoc on my Website

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by pjc123, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. pjc123


    Reply To: WordPress 4.9.5 Wreaked Havoc on my Website, by pjc123

    This is a nightmare.

    1) I can’t rename the plugin directory because then I can’t login because ithemes security is set to a different login url.

    2) I did a cpanel restore and was able to catch the wp-config.php file and make changes to it just in time before the wordpress update on one of my websites which now works properly again, but I wasn’t fast enough for my other website, which I now realize has the same exact problem.

    3) I tried editing my cpanel Home directory backup file so I could edit the wp-config.php file, but when uncompressing it there were some errors, with links as i remember; so not sure I can ignore those, and if so I guess I would have to recompress the file properly before re-uploading.

    Can I rename every plugin in the plugin directory except for the ithemes security one and rename them back later one at a time and try them, or will that not work?

    Reply To: WordPress 4.9.5 Wreaked Havoc on my Website

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