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WordPress fix Reply To: WordPress 4.9.1 Visual & Text not working

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by vtrav, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. vtrav


    Reply To: WordPress 4.9.1 Visual & Text not working, by vtrav

    OK well I took all your suggestions & still no luck
    (Enable wp_debug and wp_debug_log and look for an error in wp-content/debug.log to see if anything gets logged there).
    Also installed 2 different Health Check plugins and neither one revealed anything related to the Visual & Text editor.

    What I did notice after accessing the Google Chrome Dev Tools (f12 inspect feature) is this message…

    <div id=”wp-content-editor-tools” class=”wp-editor-tools hide-if-no-js”>

    I looked this up of course and found info saying SOLVED on 2 different sites:



    but I cant make sense of it… I need this explained
    in simple to understand language

    wp editor tools hide if no js??? could this be the reason the Visual & Text editor is not showing???

    I am in no way a Developer just a guy trying to create a website & learning as I go along
    with the help of others like yourself please let me know if this is the solution and how to implement it
    thanks in advance for your patience & help.

    Reply To: WordPress 4.9.1 Visual & Text not working

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