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WordPress fix Reply To: warning on back end

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Sabinooo, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Sabinooo


    Reply To: warning on back end, by Sabinooo

    if i change themes to test and go back to my theme will all data stay as is?

    Absolutely. Zero risk in trying.


    Alternatively, if it didn’t help, you can try reinstalling your blog, there’s a chance it will fix your problem.

    Obligatory warning for wordpress users following

    I’ll say it at once: this is NO cause to worry.

    Wordpress separates very clearly the content (the blog posts, everything you personally write, and the options that are configured) from the files (all those php, js, whatever code files that work together and make a blog engine work).

    What I’m suggesting you is to click a button in your admin that will cause WordPress to download a clean copy of the files making the blog’s engine, after which wordpress will replace every file with the fresh clean version it has.

    Your blog posts, your settings, will stay in place and won’t be altered in any way, they can’t be lost either.


    To do that, simply, open your blog’s administration, in the upper left, Dashboard > Updates, notice the bolded text saying “You have the latest version of WordPress. Future security updates will be applied automatically.”, and click below it the “Re-Install Now” button.

    At worst, it won’t have changed your problem. At best, it will have solved it


    And if it didn’t help either, next you can try with your plugins, as they will have been untouched by the blog reinstallation (a metaphor: you just replaced the enging runnnig your car, but your four wheels, chairs and autoradio are still the same). Disable (Admin > Plugins), delete, re-download from the plugin repo, Admin > Plugins > Add New.

    However, with plugins, disabling, then deleting, then re-downloading them, has a cost: if the plugin is well-written (and most of them are), the plugin will delete its own settings and configuration before letting itself be deleted. So, if you reinstall it, you’ll have to re-configure it too, unless it had no options to configure at all or was running with the default options.
    That’s a clear invitation to browse your blog’s administration panel pages and copy-paste somewhere the options of the plugin’s options pages that are important to you, just in case, for safety.

    Reply To: warning on back end

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