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WordPress fix Reply To: W3 Validation Errors

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Pioneer Web Design, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Pioneer Web Design


    Reply To: W3 Validation Errors, by Pioneer Web Design

    I would not take special note of anything that is not listed as an HTML Markup issue (which can cause issues with the display of your site mostly on older browsers as newer ones do a great job themselves of correcting such errors on the fly).

    Note the top line of the New (Nu) Checker:

    This tool is an ongoing experiment in better HTML checking, and its behavior remains subject to change

    WordPress.org is a very modern and up to date CMS that others catch up with once in a while…

    Does the site look as desired on varying desktop, tablet and mobile screen widths? Is Google, other Search Engines balking? Are other tools showing so many issues? Are there display issues?

    Also, since most of this is theme related, try posting this (all they need is the site link, they can then run that thru W3) at the Theme forum:


    Reply To: W3 Validation Errors

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