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WordPress fix Reply To: Visual Editor not showing

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by vtrav, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. vtrav


    Reply To: Visual Editor not showing, by vtrav

    Hey Waynard, You are describing the exact problem I’ve had for over a year now and sorry to say I don’t have a solution yet… The Visual & Text Editor TABS do not show up. This has happened twice on two different laptops THAT I USED TO DOWNLOAD WORDPRESS ON. In each case the very laptops used to do this The Visual & Text Editor TABS where not visible They only became visible if I USED ANOTHER DEVICE Laptop, P.C., Tablet, or Phone for that site so it seems to have something to do with whatever device you use to download WordPress on it creates a bug for that device with the editor… However I, after all, this time think I may have found a Post where the guy has our same problem and said he found a solution but for me, some things tech language he uses has me confused still a little. I was about to post a Question in regards to this before I stumbled across your post. If it works for you maybe you can help me understand it by breaking it down into simple language minus all the tech terminology good luck here’s the link please keep me posted… P.S. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page ignore the top…

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