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WordPress fix Reply To: video on demand / membership site

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by martin177, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. martin177


    Reply To: video on demand / membership site, by martin177

    You have no idea how fantastic your last sentence sounds to me! But hard work comes first and I am grateful for all your tips! Really, really am. Most blogs give you snipets of info and feel like they’ve told you how the world works, but then you’re left with all your unanswered questions….unlike here! So it feels really good to get all your detailed information and I’ve started looking into what you wrote straight away. With the guide you provide above I am sure I can master the art of WP installation. I am going to go with your recommended software WAMP, Akeeba BackupWP and Kickstart.

    However, today I’ve encountered a problem I’ve been dreading for a while:
    I can’t install things on my computer anymore, because Win 7 is faulty. I read in another forum that an inplace upgrade would fix this problem with SP1 installed, but this computer doesn’t have it. I am sitting my hands to stop myself from throwing things at the computer or pulling my hair out. So for the moment my hands are tied until I’ve found a working computer to install things on. Maybe completely re-installing my computer might do the trick… just what I needed… gotta to ask about that again in the other forum. Anyway, sorry about the whining. In the meantime, I’d love to continue getting the hang of things from here so I can start things and make some money as soon as I have some functioning technology.

    I came across WP Courseware and wondered if that is LMS?

    I read about WooCommerce in the recommended article and will ask Patrick Rauland further questions about the billing system – thank you for the link!

    I think for now it’s a very good idea to start small (ie only sell videos at first) with a WooCommerce theme. Because what you describe with watching a video and then taking quizzes or tests and continuing on a path as well as bundling videos seems like the next big step in my planning stage. Would it be difficult to enhance things by adding a forum or LMS to have interaction with my students or would I have to start things from scratch again, are LMS and eCommerce 2 completely different systems so to speak?

    Let’s just say for the moment I am going with GoDaddy: would it mean I am uploading my WP website and videos there and ppl can access them on my site (embedded) through GoDaddy? If you had a clarifying link for this issue, I could understand the inner workings and make up my mind.

    Thank you

    Reply To: video on demand / membership site

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