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WordPress fix Reply To: video on demand / membership site

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by martin177, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. martin177


    Reply To: video on demand / membership site, by martin177

    Thank you for moving me here!

    Ok, so I am planning on selling educational videos only (I’m going to pretend my students are right in front of me whereas I’ll be addressing a camera)

    In the beginning I just want to sell the videos and write articles about good ways of learning ect. (a monetized blog – does that work with WP.org?)
    I’m hoping to move on to some occasional live lessons via skype or google hangouts (or some fantastic WP plugin even???)

    Entertainment is not what I have in mind, youtube is out of the question with what I’m planning – I have researched what ppl click on most and neither Domino stones nor barbie dolls are on my topic list for now youtube has changed monetization rules recently and so, no “entertainment” for now.

    Back to your questions.
    2. I’ll read up on the difference between LMS and e-Commerce themes asap, so I can make a better decision.

    3. I want to sell either single videos or a bundle of videos or give ppl the option of membership access to all videos for a monthly fee

    4. that sounds very worrying, is it that difficult to get everything up and running?
    –> how is my coding? Well last year I did some HTML and CSS coding for a simple website, so I do have some basic knowledge of that. Later I tried my hands on setting up a local machine for Joomla. I’ve been told that Wp and Joomla are not far off systemwise. Since everyone online recommends WP.org I decided to go for it, but it’s my first time handling it.

    5. might be better to use a service for now. I think I need to start simple and once I’ve made some money I can always change things and go on to a more pricey option if necessary.

    6. it is of paramount importance to me that the billing system involves paypal and credit card payment and by no means my manual involvement i.e. me sending out the bills on my own to every single customer and then save the bills on my hard drive for the tax office, if you know what I mean

    another thing: I am workinig on a HP compaq Win7 laptop with an external mouse (touchpad no longer working), an external keyboard (integrated keyboard taken out, cause it’s no longer working), it has 4GB RAM and hasn’t let me down any further for now.
    Is this laptop even suited for setting up a server and running things from there?

    Thank you so much for alla yr help!

    Reply To: video on demand / membership site

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