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WordPress fix Reply To: URGENT! All Post Content Suddenly Gone!

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by wpcoderca, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. wpcoderca


    Reply To: URGENT! All Post Content Suddenly Gone!, by wpcoderca

    I find that sometimes simply disabling plugins from the WordPress Dashboard doesn’t always work to find the problem.

    When I’m dealing with an issue like this I login via FTP and rename my plugins folder. I always just change it to plugins-NULL. Then if you need to change it back you just remove the -NULL. This deactivates all the plugins at once. I then check to see if whatever issue I’m having is solved. Clearing cache after this is never a bad idea either but not necessary in most cases. If this solved the problem then it’s due to a conflict in a plugin. I would then just reactive plugins one at a time checking after each if the plugin causes the issue to return. If so kick it to the curb and find another to replace it!

    If this has no impact then I always change to one of the default WordPress themes to check. If you haven’t made any theme changes this is most likely not the culprit but easy to check anyways.

    Reply To: URGENT! All Post Content Suddenly Gone!

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