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WordPress fix Reply To: Updated to 4.9, won’t detect page template…

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Marius L. J., Nov 21, 2017.

  1. Marius L. J.


    Reply To: Updated to 4.9, won’t detect page template…, by Marius L. J.

    As I see this pop up now and then, and it serves no purpose for people to keep posting the same things about being unhappy with the update, I will be closing this thread ( and subsequent others about the issue, we’ve already got a ticket for it to see how we can improve the experience further).

    I would like to mention that many many hours of volunteer time has gone into the release of WordPress 4.9, and we encourage user participation every step of the way, either with feedback, testing, or code.
    We make weekly progress updates on what is going on at the Core blog (See the events for 4.9), and even had the full release schedule available including 4 weeks of betas and a week of Release candidates (which even shows up in the news widget in your dashboard), where we call for users to help run through things as it is just not possible for us to test, let alone think of, every possible scenario alone.

    Reply To: Updated to 4.9, won’t detect page template…

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