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WordPress fix Reply To: Unexpected Subdirectory Structure for Subdomain Groups

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by stratact, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. stratact


    Reply To: Unexpected Subdirectory Structure for Subdomain Groups, by stratact

    OK, so far the responses to my posting are telling me that, for Buddypress:

    “BuddyPress is an independent plugin, and I as far as know, it has never worked as you expect it to. Group URLs have always been example.com/groups/groupname — whether you’re using WordPress single site, or Multisite with sub-domain or sub-directly.”


    “There is no setting for a subdomain group structure because it does not exist.”

    So, how is it true that when I created a Group called “Test” by clicking the “Create a Group” link ( subdomain.domain.org/groups/create/ ), a subdomain group named “Test” ( test.subdomain.domain.org/wp-admin/ ) appears under my “My Sites” link at the top of my subdomain’s Home Page (and other subdomain “Test” pages too). At this link, I can select from a dropdown menu either, Dashboard, New Post, Manage Comments, or Visit Site.” So, by creating a Group, I created a new subdomain that serves as the Group itself.

    Hence, a subdomain group structure does indeed exist, by design, and was either intended but not advertised by the developers (of WordPress or Buddypress), or not intended but resulted from a programming loophole or error.

    So, which is it? Can anyone else shed some light on this mystery?
    Is anyone willing to try it, to verify that this does indeed work?

    Reply To: Unexpected Subdirectory Structure for Subdomain Groups

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