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WordPress fix Reply To: Unexpected Subdirectory Structure for Subdomain Groups

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by r-a-y, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. r-a-y


    Reply To: Unexpected Subdirectory Structure for Subdomain Groups, by r-a-y

    I recently started creating a multisite having subdomains instead of subdirectories, and using the BuddyPress plugin to create several subdomain groups under each subdomain.

    The subdomain setting is only WordPress-related. And it handles the URL structure for user sites (or blogs), that’s it.

    BuddyPress doesn’t have anything to do with this.

    So I’m wondering why do my Subdomain Group Directory pages (e.g. subdomain.domain.org/groups) incorrectly show their group links as subdirectories instead of subdomains. For example, a group called “Test” has link subdomain.domain.org/groups/test/ instead of test.subdomain.domain.org

    BuddyPress groups have always used a subdirectory structure based off of the Group Directory page.

    View the BuddyPress codex:

    There is no setting for a subdomain group structure because it does not exist.

    In addition, and perhaps this is incorrect, I’ve enabled bp_enable_multiblog in my wp-config.php file. See https://codex.buddypress.org/getting-started/customizing/bp_enable_multiblog/When setting up my subsites as subdomains, I activated Buddypress at each subdomain, set up groups at each subdomain, then assumed that each group could have its own blog and wiki. I found that to be true, but with some strange and unwanted added effects, as already mentioned.

    If you use the BP Groupblog plugin, then technically you can connect a subdomain site to a group. That’s probably the closest thing you can achieve here.

    If you are worried about URL structure, then the other alternative is to just use the Sites functionality with BuddyPress, and disable Groups entirely.

    That way, your Sites Directory would have the proper URL structure (subdomain.domain.org). But, you would have to use WordPress multisite plugins to bridge the user management gap between BuddyPress Groups and WordPress Sites.

    Reply To: Unexpected Subdirectory Structure for Subdomain Groups

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