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WordPress fix Reply To: Unable to make theme customization and publish it

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Pepperfly, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Pepperfly


    Reply To: Unable to make theme customization and publish it, by Pepperfly

    This isn’t my thread, someone else started it. But you would know that if you read the thread. I had the same problem and visited this thread to learn what others were doing to resolve. I read the thread. I picked up on a huge clue from @greelord and found what I believe is the root problem. With that, I felt proud being able to “support each other like buddies” and shared a solution. Yet, after all of that, you came in and re-stated the issue as if it was a brand new problem and asked “how can I fix this,” which basically comes across as, “I didn’t read the thread, I just want someone to be a buddy and fix this for me.” And then again, “please provide me a solution.” That is rude, and “please” doesn’t make it less rude. That’s the “hijacking” I’m referring to.

    To restate my advice just for you “like a buddy,” read my previous replies and work with your hosting provider to resolve the problem. The problem has nothing to do with the theme or plugins. It’s just good ol’ WordPress running on your hosting provider’s Apache server which is attempting to execute a script that is being blocked by a mod_security rule that only your hosting provider can whitelist if you don’t have root access yourself.

    You’ve ben a member of this community for one day! It’s obvious you didn’t come here to be supporting but to be supported. My advice for you in the future is to reach out to the community only after you’ve researched your own problem and tried stuff, but don’t throw your problem at someone else to understand for you or expect someone to solve your problem, especially in a support thread that someone else has started.

    This thread should be closed.

    Reply To: Unable to make theme customization and publish it

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