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WordPress fix Reply To: Twenty Twelve Child Theme modification

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by PickleEater, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. PickleEater


    Reply To: Twenty Twelve Child Theme modification, by PickleEater

    Thank you for your helpful response which has guided me to what I believe to be a generally universal solution.

    Apologies – the correct URL is http://mbwp.org.uk/ml

    It’s only basic when you already know the answer and I hadn’t found the answer on Google, w3Schools or WordPress.org in two days of searching and trying out a wide range of possible solutions – none of which appeared to work for me.

    The solution that I have finally applied involved pasting the following code into the Additional CSS section of the child theme (under Customise or Appearance|Edit CSS:

    #page {background-color: transparent;}
    #page {text-shadow: 1px 1px #fff;}

    In WordPress themes The default background colour appears to be white.

    The above solution firstly makes the background of every page of the site transparent. This is not a problem when there is nothing else “behind” the page elements that you want to show through.

    My client wants a video to show through on the home page only and the first line of CSS facilitates this by making the page background-color transparent (on every page). Being that the video is only on the Home page then no other page is visibly affected.

    Of course, there is also text on the Home page which the client wants to be overlayed on top of the video and the page content to scroll whilst the video continues to play but remains static. This is effected by the second line of CSS.

    Setting the page text shadow to #fff (white) with an offset of 1px right and 1px down makes the black text visible over the video and, again, this has no visible impact on any other page.

    Finally I made the page text bold just to make it stand out a little more. I’ve left the footer text in its original form.

    For those less experienced, it is vital to make such changes to a child theme, as if a parent (i.e. downloadable theme) is used then the changes will be lost if that original theme is updated (which is a frequent occurrence).

    Of all the possible solutions to this query I believe that this solution is about as simple and elegant as it gets other than explicitly to include the page-ID.

    Reply To: Twenty Twelve Child Theme modification

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