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WordPress fix Reply To: transferring site from old go daddy linux hosting to new go daddy...

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by jfores19, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. jfores19


    Reply To: transferring site from old go daddy linux hosting to new go daddy cpanel hosting, by jfores19

    it very well could be – but when you say fresh install, do you mean setting up worpress from scratch in the cpanel? I did try that, and then I tried to replace the new WP files using filezilla with the old ones but that did not work either. the files from the new install always overrode and would not be replaced by the newer files – so when I went to my wp-admin page at that time it opened but showed as a brand new WP site. no plugins, no home page, no site files. Now maybe it was defaulting to not overwrite newer files. that is something I didn’t check.

    A couple things I can tell you though: I did call godaddy and though they wouldn’t help me, they did tell me that it looked like I was doing everything correct, but that I DID NOT have to set up a new WP installation. Not sure if they were correct or not, and maybe I just named the database wrong and the string doesn’t point correctly to it?? I do have all site files and database saved on my cpu so I can start from scratch if necessary.

    here is another piece of info – I do know that the new server is working – its just not connecting to the WP files the correct way, the reason that I know that is this:

    I had originally done the site in dreamweaver with no database. now – disorganized person that I am, when I redid the site in WP a couple years ago, I never removed my old html files from the root folder. but the new WP files overrode those so they were a non factor. When I first did all this and went to pull up the site from the new hosting plan – the OLD site (index.html) popped up. of course links were broken and what not, but that tells me that the hosting works (I have since deleted the index.html file just to make sure it wasn’t causing conflict) – but that for some reason the site is not recognizing the WP files or DB. so im doing something wrong in the DB creation or linking.

    My initial thought was to delete the database, and start from scratch cause I am most likely overthinking this whole thing and it shouldn’t be this difficult, but im not sure at this point.

    Reply To: transferring site from old go daddy linux hosting to new go daddy cpanel hosting

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