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WordPress fix Reply To: Transfering custom CSS to child theme

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by RossMitchell, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. RossMitchell


    Reply To: Transfering custom CSS to child theme, by RossMitchell

    Of course you backup your theme and plugin files and database before doing anything.

    My concern comes from reading suggestions that updating the theme may trash the custom CSS.

    If you have edited the .css files of the theme, then these edits will be lost. If these edits were in a child theme they would be safe. If you used the customizer > additional css then these will be safe.

    I’m unclear whether that risk is just when changing from Theme A to Theme B or whether there it is likely to affext Theme A v2 to Theme A v3.

    Change A-B will not lose settings or files, they will remain in place to be copied, will return to active service if you switch back.
    Upgrade V2 to V3 will kill your V2 edits on the parent, a child will survive.

    There is the issue that html and css markup classes and IDs etc also hook functions will change between versions, and between themes A to B, so some testing is necessary and revisions anticipated. I have found it handy to be able to review what the old version did etc while tuning the new one.

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