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WordPress fix Reply To: Text editor changing HTML markup

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by johngoold, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. johngoold


    Reply To: Text editor changing HTML markup, by johngoold

    Images can be block versus in-inline. I tried explicitly making them “display: block;”, but that made no difference. Block elements should not require wrapping in paragraph tags — tables and lists do not need wrapping in paragraph tags.

    Comments should never need wrapping in any other HTML tags! When enclosed in paragraph tags, one ends up with an empty paragraph that mucks up layout. [A workaround that I made up was to style that paragraph with a “font-size: 0;”]

    I wouldn’t mind nearly as much if, when the editor/WordPress inserted a closing paragraph tag, that it also inserted a preceding, opening paragraph tag.

    [Aside] It has always bothered me that comments are actually transmitted by the server to the client. In general, programming language compilers/interpreters simply treat comments like white-space. However, pragmatically, I can see how doing so helps when debugging HTML mark-up (the same way we used to debug code on mainframes by inserting strategically placed “print” statements). [/Aside]

    Reply To: Text editor changing HTML markup

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