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WordPress fix Reply To: spinner inside submit button

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by bcworkz, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. bcworkz


    Reply To: spinner inside submit button, by bcworkz

    If JS disbaled results in a blank page, then the content is 100% dependent on script and the script itself could be the cause. I’m rather weak on JS and wouldn’t know where to start to debug something like this. I tend to avoid scripting all together if I can. I’m all for it when it enhances the user experience, but not as a substitute for basic CSS and HTML. I’m not criticizing your theme, only explaining why I’m weak on JS.

    JS based content would explain the bizarre p placement. With classic CSS and HTML, I don’t see how it could be positioned like that and still have all the input elements be positioned properly. When generated by script dynamically, it makes more sense.

    Trying to solve this at the root cause is an admirable goal, but at this point I think we’re both in over our heads and should give up on an ideal solution and settle for my original quick and dirty fix. You made a good effort, but some things are just not worth it.

    Reply To: spinner inside submit button

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