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WordPress fix Reply To: Site in Separate Subfolder

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by krishammer, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. krishammer


    Reply To: Site in Separate Subfolder, by krishammer

    I saw the HV post after the above post, sorry.

    As as noob, I purchased a WP theme (Avada). I have yet to create any page, however any page I create will be served from the database and appear as: http://www.domain.com\Development\somepage.html ?

    If the settings are:
    WordPress Address URL: http://www.domain.com\CMS\
    Site Address URL: http://www.domain.com\Development\

    If I have a bunch of old non-WP content in the root now, is there any reason I should not simply make the Site Address URL be: http://www.domain.com (root)? Would it overwrite my existing index.htm, or ? Does it put a bunch of files in the Site Address URL location or just a file for redirection?

    Reply To: Site in Separate Subfolder

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