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WordPress fix Reply To: Site DOwn after 4.9.2 Upgrade

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by mjb566, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. mjb566


    Reply To: Site DOwn after 4.9.2 Upgrade, by mjb566


    My site is fine with wp-db.php from version 4.9.1
    The error occurs as soon as wp-db.php from 4.9.2 is uploaded. Te reported error refers to an unrecognized character but there is not one in the file on or near the line reported 1657.

    After reading a possibility was that the file had not been uploaded in plain UTF-8, I downloaded Notepad++ and checked the encoding but found it to be correct.

    I have exactly the same theme and WordPress install working perfectly on another web-space provider so am wondering if the php version is the culprit?

    My provider is using PHP 5* whereas the provider where the install works fine is using PHP 7*

    I don’t know the answer at the moment.

    Reply To: Site DOwn after 4.9.2 Upgrade

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