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WordPress fix Reply To: site démesurément grossi !!

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by alichani, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. alichani


    Reply To: site démesurément grossi !!, by alichani

    Hi @misspakou,
    there is some Javascript code in the page’s source that scale’s the page to fit the width of the <body> to the width of the window (~62% in my case). The page loads “normally” and when the JS code runs it scales the page up. From the code I understand it’s supposed to scale the page for all viewing screens but is probably not correctly implemented.

    Unfortunately I can’t find the relevant code in WordPress core or the theme, so it must be coming from somewhere else.

    If you can install plugins, install Health Check. On the troubleshooting tab, you can click the button to disable all plugins and change the theme for you, while you’re still logged in, without affecting normal visitors to your site.
    Then start enabling plugins, one by one, from the “Health Check” menu at the top until the problem appears again. Then you will know which plugin causes the problem.

    Reply To: site démesurément grossi !!

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