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WordPress fix Reply To: Simple Comic Business.

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by spider42, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. spider42


    Reply To: Simple Comic Business., by spider42


    I get what you mean – but the truth is that there is such a plethora of options and sub-options and features and such that I’m a little at sea. What you’re suggesting is how I got to the theme I’m with now but I’m not 100% sure it’s the best suited.
    Hence my original post which is literally asking for whatever opinions people have on the matter based on experience so it can either (a) give me some possible options to explore from the dozens and dozens available or (b) possibly confirm the direction I’m already on as being sufficient.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment though. Cheers.

    Reply To: Simple Comic Business.

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