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WordPress fix Reply To: Share Facebook: Wrong image and meta

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by pascal29992, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. pascal29992


    Reply To: Share Facebook: Wrong image and meta, by pascal29992

    Hello Firoz, sorry for the late reply
    Thank you for your reply, indeed I had the wrong link for debuging

    So I’m actually using OpenGraph Meta through the plugin Yoast
    cf image below

    When going into the deboger, the selected image is not the correct one: it chooses “puissance-visualisation” instead of “revolution-personnelle”
    I dont know why though, because I have clicked on the button “recollect”

    Going through the analysis, I can see the OpenMetaGraph selects the image from the header, because it says the image “puissance-visualisation” is corrupted or format is not valid (though it is JPEG)

    So maybe we could check why it doesn’t select the correct image first?
    Then I could check if this new image loads properly

    Let me know, thanks

    Reply To: Share Facebook: Wrong image and meta

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