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WordPress fix Reply To: Separate Blog Page on Website not Working

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by purelysoulbykoralorg, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. purelysoulbykoralorg


    Reply To: Separate Blog Page on Website not Working, by purelysoulbykoralorg

    Thanks for your reply!
    Unfortunately I have paid for three years I believe it was but it wasn’t expensive so I’m not super concerned. What would you recommend instead?

    I have set it up to display on two separate pages and I followed a WordPress tutorial.

    Unfortunately the website is live and I can’t figure out how to unpublish it (I’ve looked it up). When I clicked on the blog page before and it took me to the New WordPress Site Coming Soon! I clicked on the link underneath that said admin login. As I said, it wouldn’t let me login under the correct account (the one with the right blog posts that are being posted on the home screen).. the only account it let me login to was another account I created by accident. Once I logged into that account, I saw that it said it wasn’t live and I decided to try it out by clicking publish. To confirm my suspicions, now when I click the blog page and the main website purelysoul.com, it takes me to the website.. the wrong one that I created by accident. It won’t let me delete it, or at least I have tried and I can’t find anything. Somehow all of my accounts that I somehow created by accident are under the same email address, just different passwords.

    Reply To: Separate Blog Page on Website not Working

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