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WordPress fix Reply To: Separate Blog Page on Website not Working

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by twee.studio, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. twee.studio


    Reply To: Separate Blog Page on Website not Working, by twee.studio


    let’s see here, because you asked a few questions.

    I have set up a website through bluehost

    I hope you haven’t paid for years, because they’re not the best hosting company in the world. Yes, they get recommened here on wordpress.org but that’s only because if you click that recommendation and buy hosting, the WordPress Foundation gets a little bit of money from refering you.

    I have tried to have a separate page for blog posts.

    That’s normally not that hard. If you go in your /wp-admin to Settings > Reading on top of that page, does it say you have your blog page set up as the page where your blog posts are shown?

    whenever I go to my site and click on the blog page, it says A New WordPress Site Coming Soon!

    There’s probably a theme setting or plugin causing that. I know that when you order hosting from Bluehost or Hostgator, they might install the “Mojo Marketplace” plugin on your install. Go to Plugins in your WordPress backend and see if that plugin is activated. If so Read this on how to remove that.

    When I click the Admin button and try to log in, it doesn’t let me use my account that I am currently using for the site.

    Do keep in mind that your Bluehost account login differs from your WordPress admin login. You can always ask for a new password by going to your login screen, hit he “Forgot password?” link below the login form and entering your email address on the next page.

    I am wondering if the admin login page is set to only one specific login and somehow I ended up setting this blog page up with this wrong account in the process.

    I can’t see that, sorry.

    I am thinking I should try to delete this account, but I don’t want it to delete the right account somehow.

    Learn by doing! If you messed up and the site isn’t live yet, just remove it all and start over. That’s how you learn! Good luck!

    Reply To: Separate Blog Page on Website not Working

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