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WordPress fix Reply To: RSS feed does not validate.

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Samuel Wood (Otto), Oct 24, 2017.

  1. Samuel Wood (Otto)


    Reply To: RSS feed does not validate., by Samuel Wood (Otto)

    Yeah, okay, so the issue persists.

    In your site itself, you have some garbage after the ending /html line. Some random divs that make no sense.

    Your feed has a whole normal page added to the end of it, which makes no sense either. It also still has all the plugin and theme stuff in that content.

    So, I’m going to guess that it’s something wrong with your cache. You might try renaming the advanced-cache.php file in /wp-content to make sure the cache is really disabled properly. More and more it looks like a caching issue.

    You might also try checking to make sure that none of your WordPress core files have been modified. On the Upgrades/Updates page in WordPress, there’s a button to reinstall the core files. This will overwrite your WordPress with a fresh copy, but without deleting any content or anything else. This can be used to ensure that you don’t have any modified WordPress files.

    Reply To: RSS feed does not validate.

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