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WordPress fix Reply To: Real Time Feeds

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by gofiodetrigo, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. gofiodetrigo


    Reply To: Real Time Feeds, by gofiodetrigo

    OoK, great, I think I’ve got some good news, at least for me. Finally had a look into that other “auditor” web, and found out they have “widgets”, so, before a deeper look, sounds like an open door to me, after months of closed ones.

    About the “real time” thing, I’ll try to brief it hopefully once for all and so it also works for me for the future. At first, given I was thinking I could use my broker’s data, that was kinda real real time data, and not thinking in huge numbers of connections, I thought I could paste easily that real time window in the blog, but it is not a need for the blog, it is more like a tracking tool, that it works at a glance. It is not a need for the content I mean, it is more for the audience, potential, audience.

    The blog wont have anything to do with all that kinda real time news…commentary…not at all financial advise, etc, with all the disclaimers needed, even ad nauseam if neccesary, nor any kinda way of selling nothing, no advise, no signals, no bull, just a kinda showin off blog, if u will. And only once a day. Like a stand up comedy show if you will, hopefully also entertaining for the few minutes it should take to read/watch it, since most commonly will have a chart attached. Shorter than this post

    that is, one comment about some data, chart, etc I find it worth commenting, in one column, and the second post with what I do, trading wise, regardless of the previous comment in some ocasions, in the market itself, takin a position, not necessarily day trade, which in case one haven’t read the full load of the blog, wont matter because anyone will see the “edge”, as it is called, at the right of the screen, with a little number and a negative symbol in front, or no symbol at all, meaning positive. It is thought to be on a one hundred per cent basis, so no need to know the starting amount, it is either above or below 100

    and just a double post a day (hopefully in the future in two languages english, first, and spanish, second (two separate domains), targeted also for english speakers interested in learning spanish language – I’ve heard it’s kinda cool that nowadays in India, a huge player in gold global market, by the way, and one of my main public targets)

    So, I bet your’re gonna get now right away bcworkz what i meant by real time and what I mean now. That is, once every minute a real update:? That sounds great to me. If can be less time it’ll be better of course, but I could manage that, as long as the “widget” reads, as it does, “this is our trusted data”, you know. I can take “slower” data, let’s call it that way, if it is trustworthy in the same way

    Thank you very much for your interest and help bcworkz cuz believe it or not I’ve been able to make it further after a long stagnation time (Saturn’s fault, not mine, lol, just kidding :p)

    Reply To: Real Time Feeds

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