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WordPress fix Reply To: Real Time Feeds

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by gofiodetrigo, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. gofiodetrigo


    Reply To: Real Time Feeds, by gofiodetrigo

    thanks again for the answer bcworkz, u know, after reading ur lasts posts, and starting to thinking I might give up on the showing the window I wanted, thinking “everything could be done”, and that it could be done so easily (my own falacy), I thought about this web (wont give names), that is got already its “reputation”, as a credible “auditor”, let say, I have to double check, but I think they do give the code of the aplets they give to the user in order to see the data. The thing is I give the web my password and they take all the data straight from the platform, and show the performance…trading history, and all that, and even though it is not real time data, its got its delay, which is not the real “issue”, but that that data is TRUE, in which case the reputation of this web would valid, as a third party, not as if I made the data up myself. Will follow that path too, see where it leads me.

    I wanted to start showing the data from a “white label” source as much as I could, that is not givin the name of the broker since there’s no deal with them, but at the same time ending up with legal issues, so now if I could use this shortcut, it could be a two birds one stone kinda thing, so again thanks for throwing some light to this darkness

    About the real real time data you are right and more so nowadays with all the HFT (high frecuency trading) and all that stuff going on, which makes almost impossible to match what you see in the screen with what is really going on in the market, but in this case the data comes from a market maker, I get it myself, and it is not really important the data you see is real time with the market, but that it comes in a sequenced flow, or don’t know how to say it. That the numbers change in a fluid manner, just as the animated gif I posted earlier, because that’s what you see in the account balance once there are trades on, and so it all fluctuates constantly, and that’s what i’d like people could see in the wordpress dot org blog, so everytime you come in and visit, the results are gonna be different.

    That’s more or less what I mean by “real time” in this case, and the auditor web I mentioned can do that. It’s got its delay, but it changes every few seconds, so that could work, while at the same time I can make a public profile in the web, so anybody can go and see all the same info I could see, that is date of trades…sizes…pairs…etc etc. Let see

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