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WordPress fix Reply To: preg_match(): Compilation failed at wp-db.php on line 1657

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by RWall, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. RWall


    Reply To: preg_match(): Compilation failed at wp-db.php on line 1657, by RWall

    Thank you for rejoining the discussion. I’m afraid some of your points are lost on me too. The issue appeared immediately I updated to V4.9 – therefore at first sight it had to be a problem either with the version or with the process of updating. When I found a similar (maybe identical) report in the other place, I posted here requesting help. Isn’t that part of the function of a forum? It certainly is over at OEM.

    I reviewed the links in your post on page 1 but frankly, to me they seemed irrelevant. After all, I’m a user, not a developer or even a keen bodger, of WordPress.

    As for your recent points:

    1. Each time a major release is made available, the dashboard (along with well known site responsibilities), includes important warnings about backing up your site(s).

    I saw someone make that mistake many decades ago, in the days of the PDP11 and 15″ platters. I run an automatic backup nightly.

    2. WordPress.org is not your hosting provider. If a specific host has issues, please review the hosting recommendations.

    Nobody ever said WordPress.org is a hosting provider, and only when it became clear that mainly, maybe only, sites hosted at Easily were having problems (and I for one am grateful to the WordPress.org forum for providing this platform) was it becoming evident that there was some degree of certainty that the fault might lie with a specific hosting provider. Before then, it was experience or an educated guess – and there’s nothing wrong with either, but they’re insufficient to apportion blame.

    3. If you think this is an issue with a WordPress Plugin, then the proper support channel for help with such issues is at their support page. A simple search will find the plugin of question.

    I think I actually ruled out a plug-in fairly early on.

    Please help yourself and your site clients by finding a web host that starts with Job One (Security).

    I can’t find the hosting provider Job One. The hosting I use has functioned satisfactorily with WordPress for about 7 years, so what changed?

    WordPress is not based simply on files. Simply changing a set of files does not affect the MySQL DB. Please all review the Codex for proper details. It’s also not new.

    My understanding of WordPress is it is a huge piece of PHP, spread across very many files, that uses MySQL to manage the data. Once again, I don’t think anyone has mentioned MySQL until now, and I’m struggling to see how it is relevant. Where in the Codex should I start looking?

    It does look as if you’ve found the problem, but my Easily is running PHP 5.5.17, and according to the way I (hurriedly) read the manual earlier, it appears that it should accept both versions. The comment in your snippet is revealing: “however the above form is recommended for backwards compatibility”.

    Having our own version of one file is fundamentally wrong and dangerous, so I’m still looking to the maintainer of wp-db.php and to Easily for a proper solution, and won’t implement your patch just yet.

    Reply To: preg_match(): Compilation failed at wp-db.php on line 1657

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