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WordPress fix Reply To: Post and Page Editor shows: “Failed to load plugin: wpautoresize...

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by WordPress.org Forums », Oct 22, 2017.

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    Reply To: Post and Page Editor shows: “Failed to load plugin: wpautoresize from url…”, by

    We have the same issue–which Google searches show is rare specifically with “wpautoresize” but rampant with many other core elements subordinate to tinymcs.

    I never see this on our website, but two others get the same message in a small, borderless, no padding, pink popup type I’ve never seen since working with WordPress since 2008. They sent me screenshots the last three days.

    Popup screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/7VAaVja.jpg

    Popup text:

    failed to load plugin: wpautoresize from url https://domain.name/wp-includes/js/tinymcs/plugins/wpautoresize/plugin.min.js

    The path shows that the /tinymcs/ is superordinate to /wpautoresize/ and this search indicates that while you cannot find a wpautoresize plugin, it is on over 56,800 websites in the same position:


    The wp-includes directory is part of the WordPress Core so it *seems* that this issue needs to be solved by the WordPress core team rather than by users switching themes or disabling plugins or uninstalling and re-installing WordPress.

    In our case, the site is live with millions of viewers each month so we can’t do the typical “throw out the engine and re-install it to see if the car will start again” type recommendations we all see.

    We’re also using the most recent version of WordPress and all plugins are updated.

    Thank you for helping WordPress users solve a WordPress Core issue.


    Reply To: Post and Page Editor shows: “Failed to load plugin: wpautoresize from url…”

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