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WordPress fix Reply To: Portfolio not spacing images as before!

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by johnatanasoff, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. johnatanasoff


    Reply To: Portfolio not spacing images as before!, by johnatanasoff


    I won’t need the code as the problem went away! But if i need it i “now” know how to do it

    The custom css was mostly text related; shadow, color changes etc.

    Ye the lines in the map disappeared as well

    I went rhough a couple of backups and they all were showing same symptoms. Then after many deletions and uploads of WP backups via FTP and database via phpmyadmin, i uploaded the latest, and deleted the rule to forward alfasteel.pt to “https” in .htacess. After the DNS servers served http only and no longer https, i saw the portfolio and map were ok.
    I re-added the forward https rule again, and so far so good!

    Apart from the 3 reasons i mentioned i forgot to say my active theme is a child theme!
    I cannot think of another thing causing the problem.

    If it was css the problem would persist no matter what (i think?); so that’s out of the equation

    If you don’t have something else to chime in, i will mark thread as solved.

    Reply To: Portfolio not spacing images as before!

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