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WordPress fix Reply To: Plugin Scams

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Jan Dembowski, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. Jan Dembowski


    Reply To: Plugin Scams, by Jan Dembowski

    I’ve moved this topic to Fixing WordPress (as you have a problem) and removed the inflammatory topic tag. Then I’m closing this topic.

    Here’s why: you have a problem with a plugin that you purchased. That doesn’t have anything to do with this place. Nothing is sold here. You’re also incorrect about this part. Please take it up with the author on their site, not here.

    On the plugin’s WordPress.org support page they don’t seem to be providing any answers and are instead just marking all open tickets as resolved.

    Any plugin support is 100% optional here. The authors do not have to reply to a single topic or user here. That’s voluntary and will never be a mandatory thing for anyone here.

    Plugin and theme authors are not allowed to support their customers here. Only the version in the WordPress repository can be supported on this site. Once a moderator sees a customer then they’r asked to take it somewhere else.

    There is one exception: if the plugin you purchased is directly related to a plugin in the repo, such as the version here is a “lite” version and you upgraded then please do feel free to leave a review about that experience. That’s encouraged as long as you are keeping it within the experience of that plugin here.

    Don’t make it about getting your money back. That review will likely get closed. That refund conversation is not for this place, nor is arguing about for here.

    I’m now closing this topic.

    Reply To: Plugin Scams

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