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WordPress fix Reply To: Plug-ins: allow updates, disallow add new

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by studio1337, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. studio1337


    Reply To: Plug-ins: allow updates, disallow add new, by studio1337

    Yep – I was just writing pseudo/incomplete code from my phone when I replied yesterday. Of course it would need to be scripted properly to make it work, and I appreciate the pointers.

    But that’s exactly what I’m looking for – a way to outright block *anyone* from adding new plug-ins while still allowing plug-ins to be updated. When a new plug-in is needed, we can comment out the blocking mechanism and add the plug-in ourselves. This is for site’s we are contracted to host, manage, maintain, update and Webmaster. There are clients who will want/need admin privileges for other reasons, and we don’t want them adding plug-ins unless we’ve vetted them first to ensure they’re being actively supported and won’t conflict with other plug-ins we’ve installed into the sites (almost all of them are sites we’ve built). A role editor plug-in seemed like more overhead than necessary and more trouble to configure than just dropping a couple lines of code into our themes.

    So if NO ONE can add a plug-in, and we can manually turn this on and off by editing the theme functions file directly (or a child theme functions.php page for the occasional site where we use something off-the-shelf), that’s golden! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction

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