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WordPress fix Reply To: Please help to restore WordPress website

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by lisa, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. lisa


    Reply To: Please help to restore WordPress website, by lisa

    While it will likely be best to hire a local WordPress professional to assist with your situation — I think the first step would be to get organized without making any further changes.

    -Database—do you or your webhost have any backup copy of an earlier version of your database? (i.e. sql format)

    Does your hosting company have a file manager in cPanel area? if you are having trouble with FTP that might provide alternative access to look around.

    WP-Content folder—uploads (images, documents),theme(s), and plugins are stored in here.

    WP-Config file has important settings. If the settings do not match your database, that might be contributing to the confusion/situation.

    Most of these files are replaceable with a manual download of WordPress from WordPress.org. I assume no alterations were made to any core files.
    as well as some other system files for WordPress

    Here is a finder for hiring WordPress helper: https://jobs.wordpress.net/

    Reply To: Please help to restore WordPress website

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