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WordPress fix Reply To: PHP7

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by writer46, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. writer46


    Reply To: PHP7, by writer46

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for getting right back to me!
    1. I believe in “Pages” I clicked on the blog post I wanted to delete and when I chose “delete,” it removed “Blog” from the “Pages” page, as well as in the Header showing my Page names, like Biography, etc.
    2. Thank you for sending the link for adding an Amazon link to my pages!
    3. I did try to start a new topic, but couldn’t see how to do it.
    4. Yesterday, I set up an SEO program through Go Daddy and in that process, on my Bio Page in the line showing “Latest Book,” it shows a photo of my first book instead of my latest book. How can I correct that?

    I had a wonderful college student who initially set up my website, but unfortunately, he’s no long available to help me with these issues and I don’t have access to anyone else. So, I’m tasked with doing what might come easier for someone more tech savvy. I apologize for those shortcomings and appreciate your help so much!


    Reply To: PHP7

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