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WordPress fix Reply To: PHP FTP SSH Not even a clue :/

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Jacob Peattie, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Jacob Peattie


    Reply To: PHP FTP SSH Not even a clue :/, by Jacob Peattie

    PHP is a programming language. The one WordPress uses. There’s no such thing as “PHP access”.

    SSH is a network protocol that allows logging into a server remotely. SSH access would allow the developer to remotely connect to and control your server.

    FTP is a network protocol for transferring files to and from a server. FTP access would allow the developer to transfer files to and from your website.

    Your developer requested FTP access. You should not be doing anything with PHP or SSH. All they require is the URL of your website, your FTP username, and your FTP password. They need these so they can examine and edit the files of your website. It’s fairly common to request these for support with websites, but they can do a lot of damage with them so make sure you trust the person you’re giving them to.

    You’ll need to get them from your host, but I’d ask your host for help creating a temporary FTP account so that you can revoke their access once they’re done.

    This is all probably what the developer told you, but you say:

    Well I haven’t even linked my site from my provider yet

    What does this mean? Is your website live on the internet? If so, it’s hosted by a hosting company, and they’re the people you need to speak to.

    Reply To: PHP FTP SSH Not even a clue :/

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