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WordPress fix Reply To: Password section missing in Profile page

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by bcworkz, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. bcworkz


    Reply To: Password section missing in Profile page, by bcworkz

    You would need to enqueue some JavaScript that sets the button element’s style attribute with display: inline-block;. But if JS is failing for some reason, your script would work no better than the default version.

    Even if you were to cause the button element to display (by hacking the CSS file let’s say, though doing so is highly discouraged. This is just a thought experiment), without functional JS the rest of the password field routine would also fail to work.

    What you could do is output your own simple password field (no JS wizardry) at one of the form’s actions, then handle the password change by your own means. Of course you couldn’t simply place the supplied password directly in the DB, it needs to be hashed in a particular way. Check out what core code does with the default field and do the same.

    A quick and dirty way for the site owner to change a WP password outside of WP is to use phpMyAdmin and set the user’s password field right in the DB. When editing the field, apply the MD5 function. It’s the wrong sort of hash, but WP will honor it and update it to the correct version.

    Reply To: Password section missing in Profile page

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